The first contact with Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN is made by phone, and is free of charge.

This first phone contact cannot become a consultation, but the legal problem is delimited thanks to some questions.

Then, we will offer you an appointment if necessary.

During this first appointment, you are advised to bring all the elements which are in your possession concerning the file, and particularly the summons if the case arises.

This first appointment costs 180 euros inclusive of tax, but it won’t be charged to you if it leads to the opening of a file, and to the payment of the retaining fee concerning this file.

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN will expose the development of the proceedings to you, and will advise you about the attitude you should adopt and the arguments that should be put forward; or she will tell you what is the best for you to do, if you are a victim or a person subject to trial.

She will establish an estimation of your judicial risk, and of your chances of success in your legal action.

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLSYZYN will also inform you about the three methods of invoicing that are applied in her law office, and will make out an agreement concerning the fees, adapted to your file :

- The hourly rate :

The hourly rate varies according to the field of activity, the legal question which is at stake, and according to the nature, the urgency, and the complexity of the file.

- The flat rate :

In some cases, it is possible to agree upon a flat rate for the whole procedure (for example, for a divorce by mutual consent or for a file with only one hearing…)

In consequence, it’s advisable to contact Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN and to expose your precise demands, so that she could make a first estimation.

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN commits to explain clearly in what exactly consists her commitment, and she won’t start working on the file until she receives the client’s approbation about which system of payment to implement.

Thus, you won’t be asked to pay any fees without having before agreed on the total amount of the fees, and on the dates of payment.

In case of particular financial difficulties, Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN will give you the possibility to spread out the payment of the fees over the duration of the procedure.

However, the fee on which the lawyer and the client have agreed must be paid before the defense speech.

- Fees related to the outcome :

In some cases, it is possible to agree on a rate linked with the result; thus, the only set payment requested is very modest.

The client pays modest retaining fee at the beginning of the proceedings, and the rest of the remuneration of the lawyer depends of the result reached and of a percentage beforehand fixed.

In some cases, the agreement concerning the fees can state that that the fixed fee will be paid only after the client receives the first payment of the indemnity (ex : victim of a rape, of a serious attack…)

The complementary fee dependant on the outcome is a function of a percentage that is fixed beforehand with the approval of the client , a percentage of the sums of money that the client recovers at the end of the procedure.

This agreement is recorded in a document signed by both the lawyer and the client.

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