Droit pénal : Audience

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN personnaly deals with all the penal hearings of her clients. Whether it’s before the Cour d’assises (criminal court), the "Tribunal correctionnel” (magistrates’ court) or during a CRPC (French plea bargaining) or the "composition pénale” (penal composition).


The penal procedure is oral and a final investigation is done at the hearing. It’s imperative to prepare seriously the defendant for his future hearing to make sure that the hearing goes smoothly.

A preliminary appointment is set up at the law firm or in short-stay prison, before the hearing in order to prepare the defense and answer to every client’s question.

It’s imperative to prepare seriously a penal hearing especially when the defendant or the accused is a repeat offender.

The time limit to appeal is 10 days.

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