It’s important to be aware of the remission that the convict can get.

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN can intervene after the definitive sentence in order to obtain an early liberation of the convict thanks to a concurrency of sentences (confusion de peines) or a sentence arrangement. She can also intervene to favor the condition of the detention so that the convict can be transferred in a region where live his relatives. So that, they can visit him in prison.

Concerning the visits in prison

a. Penitentiary Law

The penitentiary law regulates the organization of the prisons and especially the conditions of the detention that is to say the rights and the obligations of the prisoners and their disciplinary system. Maître HAWRYLYSZYN can intervene in order to make the prisoner’s rights respected and in particular to support the request of transfer toward a nearer prison of the family’s client.

She can also assist a prisoner when he appeared before the disciplinary commission.

There are a lot of problems of violence in detention as well as difficulties related to the state of prisons.

This is militantly in favour of a reworking of the prison and, among others, in favor of the open prisons.

b. Sentencing

Maître Alexandra HAWRYLYSZYN can refer a case to the sentencing judge for a request of sentencing reduction  such as a parole request, partial release from prison, remission of sentence, division of sentence, electronic bracelet, external "placement”.

She can also formulate some requests for concurrency of sentences before the court.

c. Exemption of revocation of suspensed sentence

A suspended sentence is a measure of suspension total or partial of the carrying out of the sentence.
The revocation of a simple suspended sentence is, in principle, automatic in case of a new conviction in the test period of 5 years.

However, Maître Alexandra HAWRRYLYSZYN can intervene in order to assist a convict and make a petition to obtain the exemption of the revocation of suspended sentence.


d. The statement of inscription on different files

It’s possible to express some petitions in order to obtain the statement of inscription at the police record  or the STIC file  and the FIJAIS file.


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